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Kyle Moon is a jewelry and accessories line by Jessica Harlow. All designs are original and made by hand. Jessica Harlow is best-known as a dynamic YouTube personality specializing in beauty and lifestyle content. A natural-born creative and visionary, Jessica would often find herself collecting vintage jewelry and accessories only to take them apart and customize them to suit her tastes and preferences from as early as childhood. With a keen eye for detail and understanding for how women want to look and feel, she decided to take some of her favorite and most-loved creations and turn them into a line she could share with the world. 



Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share my jewelry designs with you all and am certain that you will love them as much as I do. I've always used jewelry and accessories to jazz up my wardrobe. I typically don't wear a lot of patterns or colors and tend to stick to a mostly neutral color palette, however, that's been a big reason for why jewelry has had such a special place in my heart. I feel naked without two things: jewelry and fragrance! If you catch me out and about without either or both, I'm likely not planning on being out for more than 5 minutes! Haha! I remember being a young child and going through my mother's costume jewelry and taking things apart and reimagining them. It drove her mad but it was a fun pastime for me. As I grew older, I would always be drawn to sparkly and shiny items. Still, I'd be taking things apart and remaking them. My skills weren't as refined yet so I was actually made fun of for it and laughed at. Eventually, I knew I'd gotten better when I'd start receiving complements. I once had a patent leather Tory Burch clutch that had a magnificent, substantial golden chain. I once saw a girl I wasn't too fond of wearing the same purse which turned me off to it, so I sold it, but kept the chain. I would later use that chain as a necklace and even attach it to other inexpensive purses I'd purchase in the future. Plain leather (or pleather) straps should be burned! The chain made the cheapest of purses look so much more luxurious! A more recent story, I took an exacto knife to a Christian Louboutin purse to customize an interior pocket. I'm telling you, I've always been brave about taking things apart and putting them back together! Haha! Over the spring of 2015, I caught myself playing around with some jewelry like old times an ended up creating the "prototype" for what is now The Psychic Rope Wrap Necklace. I was so proud of myself that I invested in high-quality materials and created what it is today. At first I made one for myself, then my mom wanted one, and a friend, and another...and then I decided to create more and build upon the collection. This all happened on accident.

The inspiration for the name Kyle Moon comes from two things: Catwoman and the Moon. When I was creating my jewelry, I felt kind of like I was living out that scene in 'Batman Returns' where Michelle Pfieffer's character Selina Kyle transforms herself into Catwomn. If you've seen my Draw My Life, you would understand how near and dear that scene has been for me my entire life. The second part is the Moon, always evolving, transitioning in and out of different phases. Sometimes we sit it in its full glowing glory and other times we're lucky to catch even a sliver of it. Through the creating of this line, I've felt like I've rediscovered a part of myself that I hadn't paid as much attention to in a while. Upon deciding to turn it into a line, I felt like I was moving into a different phase of my life. Like most things in my life, this happened accidentally but the process has been very fulfilling. I hope that my story inspires you to explore your own interests and creativity. You never know the joy that it might bring you. 

Never let anyone box you in or tell you who you are.

xo Jess