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NEW! BOY Chain Necklace

$ 45.00

Both masculine in its size and feminine in its shine, the Boy Chain Necklace is anything but simple. The Boy Chain Necklace is verse-atile ;)! For "edgy glamour", wear it standard with the clasp in the back. For "edgy, zero f*cks given", wear it with the clasp in the front or to the side for an asymmetrical effortless appeal. You may also wrap it around your wrist twice to wear it as a statement bracelet. 

Shiny stainless steel because this boy is made to last & last. Rain or shine, wet or dry. There's nothing he can't handle. 

This necklace is made at a standard 16.5" length, but if you would need it to be a bit larger or smaller select "custom" & let us know the length you'd prefer in the notes at checkout.

*This piece is handmade to order.