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NEW! "Siren's Web" Swarovski Crystal Collar

$ 32.00

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

Inspired by spider webs & mermaids, this delicate yet statement collar is made to sit low on the neck, grazing the collarbones while giving off lots of sparkle & reflective shine. This piece plays well with Y-chains and dainty necklaces, but like an independent woman, she can stand just fine on her own.

Perfect for casual affairs, intimate dinners, and drinks with friends. Lightweight, shiny chain featuring delicate "strands" of aurora borealis Swaravoski crystals.

This piece, like mostly everything on this site & in my collection, is handmade by me upon request. This particular piece is made to fit from about a 14" neck, extending up to about 16". This sizing fits most, but if you feel you might need something a little larger, let me know in the notes when checking out or just send me an email at